A Deposit is required for ALL appointments at time of booking 


Arrive on time, after 15 minutes late you may be required to reschedule due to the next client. 


Please have remaining balance in CASH at time of appointment. 


NO extra guest at appointment.


$35 Fee for same day cancellations on all services (within discretion) . Refusal to pay will result in an outstanding balance, which will need to be cleared prior to booking another service with glam studios. 


Lash appointments: Please arrive with clean lashes. NO mascara, NO glue, NO make-up. I prefer not to work on other lash artist work, however if the work is done properly I do make acceptions, please call for a consult prior to booking to save us both time. 


Permanent Makeup procedure : Pre care instructions will be emailed over to you shortly after your appointment has been made. Please follow instructions prior to your appointment. Failure to follow all pre care steps will result in appointments having to be rescheduled to a later date . 


Thank you for scheduling. See you soon!